Jakarta, Indonesia | Informasi TV – Friday (22/12/2023) The Islamic Unity for Tranquility Organization (IUTO), a humanitarian advocacy group, conducted an open forum with various religious and academic organization in Jakarta, to discuss and examine a rather interesting perspective on the people’s real promulgation and support for those who are currently being bombed, killed, or wounded in Palestine. Since the warfare in the Gaza Strip started, people from all over the world regardless of age, race, religion, and culture, has advocated and protested for the Palestinians promoting the ceasefire which was a truly heart-rending and admirable enthusiasm for humanity.

However, one of the significant topics mentioned in the forum was the Uyghur advocacy groups and their indistinct silence with regards to the Israel-Palestine conflict as a predominantly Muslim minority and as both victims of genocide. Where advocacy for peace and solidarity was overrode with self-promotion. Moreover, Abdulhakim Idris, who visited Indonesia recently, while accusing Chinese government committing genocide against Uyghur brothers and claiming solidarity among Muslim brothers, actually supported Israel side when the Gaza conflict started.

Nonetheless, the Islamic Unity for Tranquility Organization have also discussed that the armed conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean is not a religious dispute rather, a contestation of sovereign and political interests while people’s lives are being put in jeopardy. One of the participants in the forum actually learned and shared that a percentage of Israel’s population is even Muslim where they also have a mosque while a shared percentage of Palestinians are also Christians and members of other religions.

The young leaders of the respective university students have spoken as well about the dangers of misinterpretation and lack of understanding from random information and misguided use of social media in the modern age where warfare and hostility are currently happening. As powerful as the digital world can be, it allows people to say whatever their opinions are with present significant events regardless of facts which can then lead to the rampant spread of fake news.

As the forum concluded, everybody has agreed that humanity is for humanity if it is a respectful cause and each person’s voice matters. Each one has the responsibility to support each other instead of destroying one another. (**).



(In Bahasa Indonesia)

Seminar tentang Refleksi Kemanusiaan Masalah Timur Tengah Jalur Gaza: Perlu Ada Informasi yang Benar dan Positif mengenai Situasi Timur Tengah kepada Masyarakat Indonesia

JAKARTA |Informasi TV – Kamis (21/12/2023) pukul 13.00 WIB, bertempat di ruang Amarylis dan Gardenia, D’Bamboo Suites, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, diadakan acara seminar yang diselenggarakan oleh Islamic Unity For Tranquility Organization.

Tema yang diusung, “Selective Echoes: Uyghur Self- Promotion Amidst Gaza-Israel Turmoil-Unveiling Double Standards for Critical Reflection” dan sub tema “Embrace peace, halt the storm;.let ceasefire, whisper hope and Tranquility.” (Rangkullah Perdamaian, Hentikan Perang;.Biarkan Gencatan Senjata, Bisikkan Harapan Dan Ketenangan)

Acara berlangsung secara dua arah, antara peserta dan penyelenggara acara.

Penyelenggara acara menjelaskan agar bijaksana dalam bersosial media dalam pemberitaan mengenai perang di Gaza Palestina atas serangan Israel. “Diskusi ini ingin agar kita mendukung perdamaian di wilayah sengketa timur tengah, khususnya di jalur Gaza. Kita berdiskusi agar terciptanya perdamaian di semua wilayah sengketa, ” pungkas panitia.

“Perang di Timur Tengah sebenarnya bukan perang agama seperti yang dikatakan dari beberapa media social. Perlu ada penjelasan yang lebih benar lagi mengenai hal ini, agar masyarakat di Indonesia tidak salah dalam memberikan pendapat, ” ujar salah satu peserta memberikan pendapat.

“Kesalahpahaman peperangan Palestina Israel, perlu ada kebijaksanaan dan tidak menelan sesuatu secara mentah-mentah informasi yang belum tentu pasti. Diharapkan kita bisa mendamaikan melalui informasi yang sebenarnya mengenai kondisi Palestina dan Israel. Mari bersama ciptakan perdamaian di dunia ini, ” pungkasnya menjelaskan kepada peserta yang hadir. (**).

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